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Exponent v2.3.2 Released!

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Exponent v2.3.2 focuses on correctly some possible site security issues.  Additionally it added more styling support for Twitter Boostrap 3 based themes and greatly enhances many of the existing e-Commerce features by adding better sales tax support and new shipping options. (read more)

Exponent v2.3.1 Released!

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Exponent v2.3.1 builds on the many new features of the v2.3.0 release, making them more robust and fixing many issues.  It provides a much better implementation of the new Twitter Bootstrap v3 theme framework and fixes many bugs associated with running an e-Commerce site in a country where there are no regions/states for shipping or tax purposes. (read more)

Exponent v2.3.0 Released

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Exponent v2.3.0 offers a new user experience to this venerable and robust Content Management System!  While many of these new touches are optional at this point, they move the software into a newer direction.   (read more)

Exponent v2.2.0 Released

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Exponent v2.2.0 is an important milestone in the development of this Content Management System which includes many new features!  v2.2.0 marks the final removal of all 'old school' 1.0 style code and modules which were necessary to initially launch v2.0.0.  It also marks the e-Commerce Online Event Registration and Online Donations as nearly 'Out of the Box' ready.   (read more)

Exponent v2.1.0 Released

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Exponent v2.1.0 includes the following changes which focuses on new calendar module and a 'mega' menu (read more)

Exponent 2.0 Released!

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Exponent 2.0 was released in August 2011 and is suitable for production websites.  2.0 was the first stable release since version 0.98, though there were various pre-release editions available over that two (2) year development period. (read more)

My first news post

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A lot of default content on the net uses Latin text, we have chosen to also use English gobbledygook.  This news post is not displayed in the sidebar, because it is not 'featured.' (read more)