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Introduction to Exponent CMS

The content in your website can be both viewed and edited using a web browser. We recommend Firefox browser for editing your site.

Exponent CMS is a simple application with a user-friendly interface. Exponent separates the website look from the content, making it easier to modify content without worrying about how to specify the look of the content. For detailed information and troubleshooting please use the resources at the Exponent website.

Website Content

The content in your site is managed by Exponent Modules. Exponent has several different types of modules to hold different type of content, for example:

Text module
For textual content which may include a couple of images and inline links.
Link list module
For lists of links, e.g., a list of your favorite sites.
Image gallery module
For a collection of images, e.g., company products, vacation photos.
Listing module
For a collection of information which is similar in nature, e.g., company officers and directors, services available.
Search module
To allow a user to search your site.
Navigation module
A special module that shows the pages on the site.
Container module
A special module designed to hold any of the others together as a unit.

Website Look / Layout

Your Exponent site has a specific look and layout determined by the theme. The default theme for an Exponent 0.97 installation is the coolwatertheme. The layout defines both the location of page components as well as fonts, colors, etc.

Learn More

We invite you to browse through this default content to learn more about Exponent and get ready to create your own site.


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